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Loud look boum

The best that the district has to offer

Augsberger Wolfgang
Accordion and musical boss
A remnant of the old Hammerbachtal musicians with whom he played the drums, with the Blousn we took a stick from him and he became musical director and music writer. Since he can't handle wind instruments, we put an accordion on him and said "don't play so loud".
Richard purpose
Trumpet / flugelhorn
(Organization and dates)
Works in the municipality of Freudenberg in Hammerbachtal.
Has been playing the trumpet and flugelhorn since the early 1980s
Hammerbachtal musicians
Göbl Peter
Flugelhorn / trumpet
Also a veteran of the Hammerbachtal musicians also active since the beginning of the 80s. Indestructible on the trumpet how should it be otherwise a Peter must of course be made a trumpeter.
Seitz Johannes

He likes to eat white sausages at 10am and his sheet music consists exclusively of apple products

(iPad / iPhone and co.). When he's not raping his flugelhorn or trumpet, he plays the clarinet part on the piccolo trumpet to the point of ecstasy.

Flugelhorn / trumpet /
piccolo trumpet
Friday Herbert
Bass trumpet

Previously burdened by the father-in-law who played the tenor horn since the foundation 1956-2010 with the Hammerbachter Musikanten. Herbert himself started with the Hammerbachtaler Musikanten in 1996 and played the trumpet.

At Blous'n he "quietly" plays the queen of brass music, the bass trumpet.

Ruidisch Sepp
Tenor horn
Has been on the quiet side of blouses since the early 80s, plays everything high or low on his tenor horn when it's not Mladost Radost.
Herrmann Michael
Thank God it came to us over the Internet. Also sits on the quiet
Baritone side and replaced Herbert Wawersig from 2017.
Gericke Franz

His ancestors were real Hammerbachtaler who lived in the Hammermühle in Freudenberg.

Inside the Franze lives a doppelganger,

There is enough space and it has to go out every now and then

then Franz becomes "Mister Louis Armstrong" with a rough voice and a handkerchief in his hand.

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